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Put your tentacles together for... or thanks to...

all these people and websites who helped me by giving their permission to use images,
information,poetry and other snail related things(in no particular order nor alphabetically):

  • The Samoa Snail Project of the Bishop Museum in Hawaii.
  • Firama.
  • Femorale.
  • Martin Kohl.
  • Robert Nordsieck.
  • Thierry Dandrimont.
  • Mike from Korea.
  • George Glazer Gallery,New York.
  • Robert Forsyth.
  • Bill Frank from The Jacksonville shellclub.
  • Father Sanchez
  • Matthew of The University of Dundee Museum. Services
  • Elizabeth Marenzi Conservation Awareness, External Relations Division DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION,New Zealand.
  • Ross Mayhew from Schooner specimen shells.
  • Guy Guerrero.
  • Charles Geerts.
  • George Sangiouloglou.
  • Dr.Robert Cowie,University of Hawaii.
  • Dr.Brenden Holland,University of Hawaii.
  • The M.C.Escher foundation-The Netherlands.
  • G.T.Watters,Ohio State University.
  • Avril Bouquin.
  • Anjie Burdett.