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Order Caenogastropoda
Superfamily Ceriathoidea
Family Thiaridae
The species in this family are parthenogenic,meaning females can give birth to live
young without being fertilized.

Melanoides species 

Melanoides plicaria(Born,1778) Shell:long,slender,red brown with darker markings,about 100 mm high,16-18 whorls. Operculum:horn colored Habitat:Brackish or fresh water near the mouth of streams and rivers. Area:South-East Asia,Slomon Islands,Vanuatu,Samoa.

Melanoides punctata(Lamarck,1822) Shell:turret shaped with a pointed spire and radial striations,yellow-brown with red-brown specks,aperture has a white lip. Operculum:horn brown Habitat:Stones and gravel in streams and ponds. Area:South-East Asia,New Guinea,Solomon Islands,Vanuatu

Melanoides torulosa(Bruquiere,1789) Shell:long with a long bodywhorl,dark brown with ridges,10-12 whorls, the apertur is white grey. Operculum:black. Habitat:Stones and gravel in streams. Area:South-East Asia,Solomon Islands,Vanuatu

Melanoides tuberculata(Muller,1774) Shell:turret shaped,yellow-brown with red-brown lines and spiral striations, aperture white-brown,8-9 whorls. Operculum:black-brown Habitat:Still or flowing water,drains and on the sides of fast flowing rivers. Area:North-Africa,Middle East,Asia,North Australia,New Guinea,Solomon Islands, Vanuatu,Fiji,Samoa,Tonga,Cook Islands and French Polynesia. This is a species often seen in the aquariumtrade.

pictures:Freshwater shells