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Superfamily Bulimulacea
Family Bulimulidae

This is a group of snails living on the ground with shells about 5cm or smaller in size.They live in South-America and southern North-America.

Bulimulus guadalupensis(Bruguiere,1789) Shell about 1,2 cm in height,light brown with darker brown bands. In the Antilles and Jamaica. photo:Marcie Silverstein

Rabdotus dealbatus(Say,1821) Shell about 1,7 cm in height,creme with vertical darker stripes. In Southeast North-America to New-Mexico.

Drymaeus dormani(Binney,1857) Shell about 4cm in height(1,5"),whitish with brown spots and stripes. In Florida.

Drymaeus multilineatus(Say,1825) Shell about 2cm in height,whitish groundcolor with dark-brown vertical stripes. In South-Florida,Venezuela,Curacao and Colombia.

Family Orthalicidae Genus Aspastus Genus Auris Genus Berendtia Genus Bostryx Genus Bothriembryon Genus Cochlorina Genus Diplomorpha Genus Discoleus Genus Dryptus Genus Hemibulimus Genus Leiostracus Genus Liguus Genus Llaucanianus Genus Lopesianus Genus Naesiotus Genus Neopetraeus Genus Newboldius Genus Orthalicus Genus Otostomus Genus Oxychona Genus Plecochilus Genus Porphyrobaphe Genus Rabdotus Genus Rhinus Genus Scutalus Genus Sphaeroconcha Genus Stenostylus Genus Sultana Genus Thaumastus

Orthalicus undatus(Bruguiere,1789) Shell about 6,5cm in height(2,5"),whitish groundcolor with dark-brown vertical bands. In the Lower West-Indies,The Bahamas and Jamaica.

Orthalicus floridensis(Pilsbry,1891) Shell about 6cm,creme with darker brown bands. In Florida.

Corona perversa(Swainson,1821) Shell about 7,5cm,yellowish-brown with the inside white. In Peru and Ecuador.

Liguus fasciatus(Müller,1774) The shell is about 4,5cm-6cm high,there are many different color variations,many are named. In southern Florida and Cuba where they feed on algae,fungi and lichens. Liguus fasciatus ornatus(Simpson,1920) Liguus fasciatus walkeri(Clench,1933)Liguus fasciatus graphicus(Pilsbry,1912)

Plekocheilus blainvilleanus(Pfeiffer,1847) Shell about 6cm in size,yellow-brownish with darker lines. In Venezuela and Colombia.

Plekocheilus tricolor(Pfeiffer,1852) Shell about 5cm in height,yellow-brownish with darker lines. In Ecuador.

Thaumastus jelskii(Lubomirski,1879) Shell about 4cm in height,yellow-brownish with small and broad darker brown bands. In Peru.

Cocoderma aperta Shell medium size,thin,pale brownish with a silky shine,oblique spiral striation. The umbilicus is open,the periostome white and the periostracum very thin. Shell size:11.5-15 mm high,6.0-7.5 mm wide,6.5-6.75 whorls. On bali,Timor,and Roti on limestone outcrops with plants.

Cocoderma tenugerica Shell medium size,thin,brownish with a silky gloss,oblique spiral striation. Umbilicus closed or slit-like,periostome white,periostracum thick and greenish yellow. Shell size:19-21.5 mm high,7.5-8.0 mm wide,7-8 whorls. On Bali and Java

Cocoderma thrausta Shell medium size,thin,brownish with a silky gloss,irregular continious spiral striation.Periostome white,periostracum thick and greenish yellow. Umblicus slit-like. Shell size:12-15 mm high,6.0-6.5 mm wide,6 whorls. On Bali and Java in forests and disturbed areas under rotting wood and rocks. 1200-2000 mtrs altitude. To main page