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Superfamily Limacoidea
Family Trochomorphidae
Genus Bertia
Genus Coxia 
Genus Kondoa
Genus Trochomorpha
Genus Videna 

Videna bicolor Shell medium,yellowish or light brown with a darker brown spiral band above the periphery,surface shiny. Shell size:up to 6 mm high,14 mm wide,up to 6.5 whorls. On Bali,Malaysia,Sumatra,Borneo,Java,Sunda Islands and Moluccas in forests on limestone and volcanic soil living in leaf litter.

Vitrinops fruhstorferi Shell medium,very thin,transparent,light olive green,surface glossy. Shell size:up to 9 mm high,11.5 mm wide,up to 5 whorls. On Bali,Java,Lombok,Sumbawa,Flores and Tanimbar Islands in forests on volcanic soil.