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Works in progress:The TV-tank No 1

For awhile I was searching for a vintage TV to convert into a tank.I finally found not one,but three a few weeks back,this one is the best of the lot.It's a Philips(what else?) X24T682 from about the mid sixties.

The first job is,of course,take out the CRT and all that's connected with it(danger! read more here)The part that has all the knobs has to stay because I wanted the TV to look like one when the conversion is finished.

Once the housing is empty the next step is to remove all the parts that will be in the way.The best way to do this is,is using a Dremel tool.A large part of the plastic surrounding the opening in the front has to go,so that the new window can be as close against the front as possible.

Inside the housing a tank made out of polycarbonate (Lexan)and acrylic will be placed.This time I didn't glue it together but used plastic strips screwed onto the sides. Originally I had planned to make a 6 sided tank but during building i decided to leave the backside off.Otherwise I wouldn't be able to use the original back of the TV.

I used an old aquarium light, and screwed it on the side of the housing using some left over perforated metal strip, the same kind I used for making the backdoor. I looked into using the on/off switch of the TV for the light, but that didn't quite work.And I also don't have enough electrical skills to connect the electrics of the light to the switch on the TV.

I've cut an opening in the original backplate of the TV,then used the part that was cut out for making the backdoor.Four strips have been cut out of some leftover perforated metal sheet.Then those were riveted onto the plastic.The knob was also found in the "might-be-useful-in-the-future" box.

A view on the back with the back door in place.