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Superfamily Limacoidea
Family Urocyclidae
Genus Africarion 
Genus Atoxonoides
Genus Amatarion 
Genus Bukobia 
Genus Camerunarion 
Genus Centrafricarion 
Genus Chlamydarion 
Genus Elisolimax
Genus Mesafricarion 
Genus Paragranularion 
Genus Senegalarion 
Genus Sheldonia 
Genus Sylvarion
Genus Thapsia 
Genus Thielarion 
Genus Trochonanina 
Genus Urocyclus
Genus Verdcourtia 
Genus Verrucarion 
Genus Zonitarion 
Subfamily Urocyclinae

Trochonanina mozambicensis Pfeiffer,1855 Shell:Conical,periphery somewhat angular.Upper half glossy,lower half more dull. Umbilicus open.Colouring brown,the lower half whitish.Diameter up to 18.5 mm. The animal has a yellow-ochre head-foot,dark markings on the body can be seen through the shell. Habitat:Dry areas like savanna and thicket under rocks and logs,in vegetation around treebases. Distribution:Southern,central and East Africa.

Thapsia pinguis Krauss,1848 Shell:Resembling an Oxychilus one,discoidal with a low spire,umbilicus open. Glossy pale yellowish-brown,translucent.Diameter up to 7.6 mm. The animal has a pale grey body with darker tentacles,posterior part and mantle. Habitat:Forest,bush,sometimes more open habitats in leaflitter,under rocks and logs. Distribution:Africa:Congo and Kenya southwards to Malawi,Zimbabwe,Mozambique, Kruger National Park into KwaZulu-Natal.

Sheldonia cornea Pfeiffer,1846 Shell:Depressed helicid with a low spire,aperture large.Colouring yellowish usually with a reddish brown spiral line above the periphery,transparent.Diameter up to 18 mm. The animal has a light greyish head-foot,posterior part darker,tentacles grey-black. Habitat:Forest and thicket on tree trunks and vegetation. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;central KwaZulu-Natal north to Swaziland, also in the eastern and southern Cape.

Sheldonia inuncta Melvill & Ponsonby,1899 Shell:Helicid,colouring whitish to corneous brown,translucent with a dark brown spiral line at or above the periphery.Diameter up to 25 mm. Mantle with grey or darker spots visible through the shell.The animal has a greyish brown head-foot,two dark lines run from the tentacles towards the shell. Posterior end and mantle often darker,sometimes orange-ish coloured. Habitat:Coastal lowland,scarp and dune forests on vegetation and under bark and logs. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;KwaZulu-Natal.

Sheldonia leucospira Pfeiffer,1857 Shell:Helicid with a depressed spire,aperture very large,fragile.Colouring whitish at the first whorls, bodywhorl yellowish-brown to brown.Sometimes with axial banding. Diameter up to 16 mm. Habitat:Along the coast in grassland,swampy areas and under leaves in scarp forest. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;KwaZulu-Natal and Transkei.

Sheldonia poeppigi Pfeiffer,1846 Shell:Helicid,globular shaped,aperture rounded.Colouring pale yellowish to olive green or light brown,translucent. Usually with a reddish-brown spiral band above the periphery.Diameter up to 17 mm. The animal has a brown greyish head-foot,tentacles an posterior part usually darker. Habitat:Forest to thicket and savanna in leaflitter,under logs and rocks. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;Kruger National Park,southern Mozambique,through eastern Swaziland and KwaZulu-Natal to Transkei(Port St.Johns).

Sheldonia transvaalensis Craven,1880 Shell:Helicid,small,body whorl and aperture large.Colouring yellowish-ochre,glossy.Diameter up to 11 mm. Head-foot light brownish-grey with darker tentacles and posterior part of the body. Habitat:Podocarpus forest under logs,in moss and lichens on tree trunks. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;Mpumalanga escarpment to Drakensberg(KwaZulu- Natal).
Atoxonoides meridionalis Forcart,1967 Description:Medium size,grey-brown,mantle with fine granules which are closely set and dark markings or spots. Posterior part of the body greyish brown with a lighter stripe down the middle. Length up to 50 mm,extended. Habitat:Forest and woodland under bark and in leaf litter. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;Zimbabwe(Eastern Highlands) to Zululand.
Elisolimax flavescens Keferstein,1866 Description:Colour variable,yellow is common but also greenish-yellow,brownish- yellow or dark grey to blackish.With cream to yellow patterning,the mantle is covered with tight yellowish dots,a darker band runs on both sides. The posterior end of the body has pigmented areas which are crossed by lines of the base color running to the end.Length up to 60 mm or more. Habitat:Variable:forest,grassland and gardens under wood,on treetrunks etc. Distribution:Eastern southern Africa;Zimbabwe,Kruger National Park,southern Mozambique southwards to Mtamvuna Gorge.
Urocyclus kirki Gray,1864 Description:Large slug with a pale grey base colour;a V-shaped mark covers the body posterior to the mantle.This is grey brown in colour,bordered on both side by two bands:inner one is brownish-grey,the outer one is dark grey to blackish. Length up to 120 mm or more. Habitat:Gardens and parks. Distribution:Tanzania,Malawi,central Mozambique and Zimbabwe.