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Where can i find this species?
Many of you might not know to which family a certain species belongs(as i do regularly).
So here is a list of species with their english names and on which page you can find them.

Amber snail Black Slug(A.ater) Bladder Snail(P.fontinalis) Blind snail Brown Lipped Banded snail Cellar snail Cheese Snail(H.obvoluta) Chrysalis snail Common snail Copse snail Door snail Dusky Slug(A.subfuscus) Ear Pond Snail(L.auricularia) Eccentric snail Edible snail English Chrysalis snail Garlic snail Great Pond Snail(L.stagnalis) Great Spotted Slug(L.maximus) Hairy snail Heath snail Herald snail(Carychium minimum) Jet Slug(M.gagates) Kentish snail Lapidiary snail Lesser Bulin Moss snail Pellucid snail Plaited Door snail Pointed Snail(C.acuta) Prickly Snail(Acanthinula aculeata) Ramshorn Snail(P.planorbis) Ribbed Snail(V.costata) Rounded snail Sandhill snail Slippery Snail(C.lubrica) Smooth snail Strawberry snail Tree snail White Lipped Banded snail Wrinkled snail