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Snails of the world:Cuba(and Florida)
Cuba is especially rich in its landsnailfauna,many endemic genera live here.The families Urocoptidae and Xanthonychidae make up a large. part of the population.Two genera of the Urocoptidae are Cochlodinella and Gongylostoma. The subgenus Polymita belongs to the family Xanthonychidae,and is very colorful.The species P.picta is said to have a 1000 colorcombinations. some colorforms of Polymita Gongylostoma ellioti Colorforms of Polymita Gongylostoma ellioti

The south of Florida is the home of many colorforms of Liguus fasciatus.But they are under threat by loosing their habitat through fires and building developments.Also predators like birds, rats,opposums,and crabs claim their victims. Some other genera endemic to Cuba are:Obeliscus,Cryptelasmus(Subulinidae),Haplotrema(Haplotrematidae)and Zachrysia(Camaenidae). Almost 40% of the landsnails in Cuba are operculates,for example Viana,Pyrgodomus and Emoda from the Helicinidae family. And from the Chondropomidae family there are Rhytodothyra,Opisthosiphon and Rhytidopoma to name just a few.

some stamps with snail images from Cuba