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Snails of the world:Europe [1]Lithuania[2]Luxemburg[3]Liechtenstein[4]Czech Republic[5]Bosnia Herzegovina[6]Yugoslavia

Europe is a vast region with all the habitats you can imagine,from high Alpine mountains to dry desertlike areas's. It's not surprising then that the types of land- and freshwatersnails and slugs are so different. There are of course families which are distributed throughout the whole of Europe.I'll will describe these first and deal with the different regions like the Balkans and The Mediterranean later. One of the biggest families is the Helicidae with the very common species Helix aspersa(Cornu aspersum),Cepaea nemoralis and Cepaea hortensis. Other species found throughout Europe are:Helicodonta obvoluta,Arianta arbustorum and Cernuella neglecta.Other common European snails are for example:Succinea putris(Succineidae),Oxychilus draparnaudi(Zonitidae),Balea biplicata(Clausiliidae)and Fruticicola fruticum(Bradybaena fruticum) (Bradybaenidae). Arianta arbustorum Bradybaena fruticola Oxychilus draparnaudi(all photo's:Rolf Kirch)

The same can be said about some slugfamilies:The Limacidae and Arionidae have numerous species distributed throughout the whole of Europe, as well as some which are less common. From the Arionidae these are Arion ater,A.rufus,A.subfuscus to name a few and from the Limacidae:Limax maximus,L.cinereoniger, Lehmannia marginata and Deroceras reticulatum.Other common European slugs are:Deroceras reticulatum(Agriolimacidae),Milax gagates, Boettgerilla pallens(both Milacidae). Limax cinereoniger(photo:C.Hogger) Boettgerilla pallens(photo:Rolf Kirch) Deroceras reticulatum(photo:Larry Watrous)

Eastern Europe and The Balkans The family Clausiliidae has many genera and species distributed in eastern Europe.Some examples are Herilla bosniensis,which inhabits humid limestone cliffs;Alopia livida,with its dark violet shell;Macedonia frauenfeldi,from Serbia and Bulgaria; Vestia gulo,from the Czech Republic,Poland and Hungary;and Bulgarica fraudigera,from Bulgaria. Alopia livida( frauenfeldi ( gulo(photo:Jiri Novak)-Bulgarica fraudigera(

Some species of the Helicidae family can be found in this region too,for example:Helicogona faustina,Perforatella dibothrion and Liburnica denudata (Yugoslavia and Albania)

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