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Snails of the world:Papua New Guinea and surrounding islands
In this region the colorful snails of the genus Papuina (Papustyla)can be found,which belong to the family of the Camaenidae.
Some of them are very rare like P.fergusoni,while others seem to be more common like P.hindei,or even abundant like P.xanthochila.
Its body is green and the shell a transparent white giving it good camouflage against the leaves.
Unfortunatly the introduction of carnivorous snails to battle against the invasion of Achatina fulica did a lot of harm.
Other attractive snails are the Megalacron,Forcartia and Rhynchotrochus genera.
Also the genus Chloritis is present in this region.
Chloritis majescula Forcartia globulus Papuina xanthochila Megalacron klaarwateri
Chloritis majescula-Forcartia globolus-Papuina xanthochila-Megalacron klaarwateri
photo's(c)Schooner specimen shells

Endemic to New Guinea is the genus Calycia.The genus Naninia from the family Helixarionidae has very colorful snails. Naninia citrina can be found along the north coast of Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya. Other endemic snails are Antinous anthropophagorum,Hemiglyptopsis,Chronos and Perrieria. The genus Placostylus from the family Bulimulidae is well represented in this region especially on the Solomon Islands. Placostylus miltocheilus, Pseudoneitea, Naninia citrina-Placostylus miltocheilus( sp(

It has four subgenera which are endemic. Very interesting slugs are those of the family Athoracophoridae.They have a very visible tracheal system in their lungs.Because this is unique in the Pulmonata class they have been given their own order:Tracheopulmonata.These slugs can also be found in Australia and New Zealand.