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Snails of the world:Peru and Brazil

Particular to this area is the subfamily Neniinae from the Clausiliidae family.A large number of genera from the Bulimulidae family inhabit this region.
For example Dryptus,with shell sizes of up to 110 mm,Plekocheilus,Thaumastus,Scutalus and Bostryx.More than 150 species live in Peru alone.
In Colombia,Venezuala and Ecuador there are about 70-90 species each.
A large number of Bulimulus species can be found here,many of them settled a long time ago on the Galapagos Islands.
Certain species inhabit only one particular island.
Thaumastus salteri Plekocheilus appuni Scutalus alauda Bulimulus quitensis
The Orthalicidae family is widely spread throughout the Caribbean and also in South-America.The genera Sultana,Tholus and Porphyrobaphe 
can be found in Peru and Ecuador.
Orthalicus pulchella Sultana meobambensis Porphyrobaphe iostoma
Labyrinthus(Camaenidae) and Solaropsis(Solaropsidae)have some subgenera present in this area.
The subfamily Obeliscinae of the Subulinidae are represented by,for example,Obeliscus obeliscus and Neobeliscus calcarius which
can reach a shellsize of up to 110 mm.Both of these species are viviparous.
 Obeliscus obeliscus
A family of snails with beautiful shells is the Strophocheilidae,which inhabit Brazil,Argentinia and Chili.Genera in this family are
Mirinaba,Speironepion,Anthinus,Gonyostomus and Strophocheilus.
A special mention should be made of the Megabulumidae
Mirinaba fusoides Mirinaba unidentata Speironepion guapensis Strophocheilus pudicus Strophocheilus roseolabris
A special mention should be made of the Megalobulimidae,the giant landsnails of South-America.The largest species is Megalobulimus popelairianus 
with a shellsize of up to 160 mm.More about this family on the next page.
The operculate snails are represented here by Stoastomops and Pseudhelicina(Helicinidae),Cistulops and Bonairea(Chondropomidae).

all photo's:(c)Femorale