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Snails of the world:Peru and Brazil,The family Megalobulimidae

In the family Megalobulimidae you can find one of the largest landsnailspecies in the world:Megalobulimus popelairianus,it can reach a shell-
size of up to 163 mm.The eggs are  about 5 cm long.It inhabits the region from Colombia to Peru.It used to be eaten in Ecuador.
One of the most common species is M.oblongus,which lives from Colombia to Uruguay and the north of Argentina.It has also been introduced
to Jamaica and the Lesser Antilles.It lays about a dozen large white eggs,which hatch in 4-5 weeks.

The snails are sexual mature  after 3 years and can reach an age of 14 years.
Of this snail there are 9 forms named,for example:albus from Tobago Island,perelongatus from Colombia(Upper Orinoco drainage),
and musculus:a small form from northern Argentina and Paraguay.
M.paranguensis M.valenciennesi

all photo's:(c)Femorale