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Superfamily Zonitoidea
Family Zonitidae
Genus Aegopinella
Genus Aegopis
Genus Allaegopis
Genus Birulana 
Genus Doraegopis
Genus Eopolita
Genus Geodiscus
Genus Godwinia
Genus Gollumia
Genus Mesomphix
Genus Nastia
Genus Nesovitrea
Genus Paraegopis
Genus Paravitrea
Genus Pilsbryna
Genus Poecilozonites
Genus Schistphallus
Genus Striatura
Genus Ventridens
Genus Vitrinozonites
Subfamily Plutoniinae
Subfamily Zonitinae
Subfamily Gastrodontinae

Mesomphix vulgatus(Baker) Shell narrow umbilcate ,depressed with a low spire,olive with buff streaks or uniform cinnamon brown.Surface glossy. Height 14-17.5 mm and width 20-27.8 mm with 4.6-5.3 whorls. In the USA:PA,MD,OH,IN,IL,KY,TN,GA,AL,AR,LA

Mesomphix friabilis(Binney) Shell globose,transparent,thin,reddish. Height 17-20.5 mm and width 21-26.3 mm with 4.75-5 whorls. In the USA:IN,KY,TN,AL,MS,AR,KS,OK,LA,TX.

Mesomphix cupreus(Rafinesque) Shell umbilicate,depressed,olivish to honey yellow with some streaking.Surface smooth and glossy. Height 12.4-16 mm and width 22.3-28.4 mm with 4.5-5 whorls. In North-America:Ontario,VT,MA,CT,PA,VA,KY,TN,AL,MI,IN,IL,MO,AR.

Nesovitrea hammonis(Ström,1765) Shell is pale brown or greenish,3.5-4.2 mm wide.3,5 whorls. Eurasia in swamps and woods.

Nesovitrea electrina(Gould) Shell umbilicate,yellowish or greenish,glossy. Aperture round oval. Height 2.5-2.8 mm and width 4.1-5.1 mm with 4.25 whorls. In eastern Canada,ME,VT,MA,NY,PA,NJ,VA,IN,MI,IL,MN,IO,MO,ND,SD,KS,MO,WY,CO,ID,UT,NM,AZ,OR,WA.

Nesovitrea virginica(Morrison) Shell depressed,almost discoideal,pinkish horn colored. Aperture transverse. Height 1.1-2.1 mm and width 2.3-5.3 mm with 3.6-5 whorls. In Virginia.

Nesovitrea burringtoni(Pilsbry) Shell depressed,umbilicate,glossy,a little translucent,buff colored. Height 1.8 mm and width 3.9 mm with 4.24 whorls. In Connecticut,Maryland and district of Columbia.

Paravitrea multidentata(Binney,1840) Shell depressed,very thin,shiny.Aperture semi-lunate and umbilicus very small. In Ontario,ME,VT,MS,CT,PA,OH,MI,MD,IN,WV,VA,KY,TN,AR.

Paravitrea lamellidens(Pilsbry,1898) Shell depressed with a low conical spire,color dark reddish brown,surface glossy. Aperture narrow lunate. Height 1.6-1.9 mm and width 3.5 mm with 6.5 whorls. In TN,NC.

Paravitrea clappi(Pilsbry) Shell depressed,thin,somewhat transparent,color chestnut amber,very glossy. Aperture very narrow lunate. Height 3.2 mm and width 5.8 mm with 7 whorls. In TN-NC range.

Paravitrea significans(Bland) Shell depressed,discoidal,thin,color pale horn, Aperture oblique and lunate. Height 2 mm and width 4.5 mm with 6 whorls. In OK,AR,IL,TN.

Ventridens suppressus(Say) Shell subglobose,depressed,color pale horn.Aperture sublunate with a prominent tooth near the base. Height 3.5-4.1 mm and width 5.8-7 mm with 5.75-6 whorls. In Ontario eastwards to Kentucky.

Ventridens gularis(Say) Shell subglobose,color pale yellowish-horn,glossy.Aperture with 2 teeth,lamelliform,one oblique near the middle,the other elongated near the base. In PA,OH,,KY,NC,TN,GA,AL.

Ventridens collisella(Pilsbry) Shell dome shaped,solid,surface glossy,with irregular riblets in the direction of the growth lines. Height 6-8 mm and width 8.5-9.6 mm with 7.5 whorls. In VA,TN,AL.

Ventridens cerinoideus(Anthony) Shell subglobose,thin,color,color pale yellow,a little translucent,surface glossy with fine growth wrinklets.Aperture lunate. Height 4.8-5.5 mm and width 7.2-9 mm with 6.75-7 whorls. In NC,SC,GA,FL.

Aegopinella pura(Alder,1830) Shell colorless or pale-brown,3.5-4.2 mm wide.3,5 whorls. In Europe in woods.

Aegopinella nitidula(Draparnaud,1805)Smooth Snail The shell is pale yellowish brown or dark-brown,8-10 mm wide.4,5 whorls. Northwest Europe in woods,shrubs and between plants.

Striatura exigua(Stimpson) Shell small,discoidal,color yellow or greenish-yellow.Surface striated with narrow riblets. Aperture small,rotund. Height 1.25 mm and width 2.3 mm. In Nova Scotia,MA,NY,NJ,PA,MN,MN.

Striatura pugetensis(Dall) Shell minute,color pale greenish yellow,surface with fine,minute riblets. Height 0.5 mm and width 1.2-1.5 mm. In BC,WA,CA and HI

Striatura milium(Morse) Shell very minute,color yellowish or grey,surface with fine riblets. Aperture sub-circular. Height 0.8 mm and width 1.5 mm. In Canada,ME,MA,NY,NJ,PA,WV,MI,IL,IN,KY.