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Superfamily Zonitoidea
Family Zonitidae
Sub-family Zonitinae

Oxychilus draparnaudi Beck,1837 The shell is redbrown or pale yellowish brown,disc-shaped,11-16 mm wide. It has 5,5-6 whorls. The animal is darkblue. In West-Europe and around the western part of the Mediterranean in damp sheltered places like woods,gardens and greenhouses.

Oxychilus cellarius Müller,1774 Cellar Snail Shell is pale yellowish,greenish or brownish,9-12 mm wide.5,5-6 whorls. The animal is pale blue-grey. West- and Central-Europe in damp places.

Oxychilus helveticus Blum,1881 The shell is brown-yellow,umbilicus narrow,8-10 mm wide.5 whorls. The animal is blue-grey. Northwest-Europe on damp shady places.

Oxychilus alliarius Miller,1822 Garlic Snail Shell is transparent brown,sometimes green,on the bottom lighter colored,5.5-7 mm wide. 4-4,5 whorls. The animal is blue-grey.When the snail is disturbed it releases a smell of onions. In West-Europe in woods,dunes,gardens or greenhouses.

Glyphyalinia virginica Morrison Shell depressed,pinkish horn,spire low. Aperture transverse,wider than high. Height 2.1 mm and width 4.6-5.3 mm with 5.2 whorls. In Virginia.

Glyphyalinia burringtoni Pilsbry Shell depressed,glossy,a little transparent,warm buff in color. Aperture lunate. Height 1.8 mm and widht 3.3-3.9 mm with 4.5 whorls. In CT,NY,NJ,PA,DE,MD,DC,VA,WV.

Glyphyalinia(Perpolita)electrina Gould,1841 Shell diameter 4.5-5 mm or soemtimes bigger,depressed,semi-transparent,glossy with 4-4.5 whorls with radial grooves.Colour pale yellow or greenish. Umbilicus wide and deep.The body of the animal is very dark with a pebbled skin. Along streams and lakes under logs and stones.Also in river valleys and surrounding areas. In Canada(Labrador and Newfoundland west to Ontario).In North-America:Maine to Virginia and west to Washington and Arizona,

Glyphyalinia indentata Say,1899 Shell depressed,very glossy,with regular impressed lines across,aperture large,umbilicus very narrow. Height 3 mm and width 5.7 mm with 4.6 whorls. In river valleys,wooded areas,former prairie lands under litter and fallen logs. In Canada and USA:Maine to Georgia,West to Utah and Arizona.

Glyphyalinia praecox Baker Shell medium sized,bronze in color,thin and translucent,spire almost flat. Height 2.8 mm and width 5.5-6.2 mm with 4.8 whorls. In TN,NC,KY,AL,GA.

Glyphyalinia rhoadsi Pilsbry,1899 Shell diameter 4.0-4.7 mm with 4 whorls,depressed,semi transparent and glossy. Colour brown.Umbilicus open and deep. The body of the animal is whitish. In damp woodlands under logs,leaf litter and bark. In Maine to South-Carolina and West to Michigan and Alabama.

Glyphyalinia sculptilis Bland Shell suborbicular,depressed,pale horn colored,shiny,with regular transverse lines. Aperture lunate and umbilicus very narrow. Height 5 mm and width 11-12.5 mm with 7 whorls. In NC,TN,GA,AL.

Glyphyalinia wheatleyi Bland,1883 Shell diameter 5.0-5.5 mm,depressed with 5 whorls,semi-transparent,brownish,horn or coppery coloured. The body of the animal is dark,the foot being blackish. In Massachusetts to Alabama and Louisiana and wets to Michigan and Arkansas,North-America.

Zonitoides arboreus Say Shell depressed,spire convex,translucent,olive buff in color,glossy. Height 2.5-3 mm and width 5.3-6 mm with 4.75 whorls. The animal is bluish gray,pale towards the foot,the sole is white or gray. In USA,Canada,Mexico,Central-America,Hawaii,japan,South-Africa,Europe