Snails on stamps

If you are interested in snails you might want to start collecting them.I don't mean life snails or shells,although that is an interesting hobby on its own,but snail figurines,snails on postcards,phonecards or stamps.I'll talk about the latter in this part of the site.Collecting shells on stamps is a popular part of the philatic hobby. There are many beautiful stamps which have shells as subject. What you will find mostly are sea or marine snails.The land -and freshwatersnails make up a small part.As in the rest of this site I'll focus on this group. You'll find some land -and freshwatersnails on phonecards as well.

List of countries which have land -and freshwatersnails on stamps:
Afghanistan Algeria Austria Burkina Faso Cambodia Congo Cuba Cyprus
Dubai Equatorial Guinea Gambia Georgia Germany Ghana Great-Britain Japan
Mauritius Mexico Monaco New Zealand Nicaraqua North-Korea Palau Papua New Guinea
Poland Rwanda Senegal Slovenia South-Korea St.Helena Sweden Switzerland
Tanzania Tuvalu USA Yugoslavia Zimbabwe Fiji*New* Angola*New* Grenada*New*

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Algeria DenmarkEngland Germany Hungary Japan Mauritius Papua New Guinea Poland Slovenia

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