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The trail of the snail

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Yes,i like snails and slugs,and not the kind that appear on restaurantmenus called escargots, but the ones that live in the garden leaving slimy trails.Ok,call me weird if you like but i really love the little creepers,i rather use snailmail than email and the Snailwatcher by Patricia Highsmith is one of my favourite stories. This site contains three sub-sites:the landsnails site,the freshwatersnails site and the slugs site. Each part is designed so that it can be viewed as a separate site.Because of that you might run into information you found earlier on another part of the site.

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There are over 40 pages with snail species.Because many of you might only know an English name,i've made a list with the English names(if available) of snailspecies and on which page you can find them.Click here to go there.

Unknown slugspecies of the Limacidae family(possibly albino form).Photo:(c)A.Brosi

[Link of the month:Saving Brixton snails:A site dedicated to help snails which are sold at Brixton Market,London,England]

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