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The trail of the snail

Landsnails,freshwatersnails and slugs


Snail species
Carnivorous snails
Snails of the world
Helix pomatia
Famous malacologists
Charles Darwin on snails
Pliny on snails
Plants and snails
Controlling snails and slugs the organic way
Snails as pets
My snails
Gallery of snails
The index


Introduction and classification


Mating of Limax maximus

Snails in text and image:

The library
Etymology of snail names
Snails in literature
Snails in poetry
Museum of snails in art


Snails as symbols
Snails on stamps
Snails on postcards
Snails on winelabels
Snails and restaurants


Welcome to The trail of the snail

And thanks for stopping by,I'm glad you're taking an interest in snails.You will see that they are more than the creatures crawling over the pavement when it has rained.Or that there is more to them than being a nuisance in the garden. This site is dedicated to snails and slugs in all their aspects,be it scientific(biology,malacology etc) or entertaining(in literature,on stamps etc).It is set up in three parts:Landsnails,slugs and freshwatersnails.Each part functions as a stand alone site.Because of that you might run into information you found on another part of the site as well.
After a year of five I decided to give the old site a bit of a face-lift,make it more up-to-date so to speak.I hope you like it,you have the chance of giving your opinion on the poll that can be found on this page.If,for some reason,you still like the old version better:not to worry.It's still online and working and can be found here.You can mail me all your suggestions,criticisms and contributions.

Archachatina marginata hatching.Photo: (c)Sian Collins

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